Bernard Delsaux

Freelance Senior Consultant
Enterprise & Solutions Architect







Since the first days of our professional activities, we have helped our customers in building and operating systems in high-quality environments and industries such as finance, banking, IT services, and life sciences.

 With our multidisciplinary education combined to an extensive experience of systems development and operations, we own the rare speciality to perfectly understand the vision of business actors while drawing information systems  architectures and designing high quality solutions along with expert engineers. Thanks to our long practice of management activities and our sense of service delivery, we also excel in leading teams and coordinating complex activities within or across projects.

 Professional Services

  • Systems integration & IT solutions architecture
  • Systems protection & Cyber-security architecture
  •  E-Banking & Communications architecture
  •  Project and Team Leading
  • Technical and strategic Consulting

 Domains of Expertise

         Banking and Finance Industry

         Market information & Infrastructures

         Private Banking and Wealth Management

         Cybersecurity, including PKI and software vulnerability management.





Our clients are major institutions -mostly financial - undertaking large e-commerce and/or large infrastructure projects.

We have had a history of long-term projects or short-term consulting missions in BE,NL,FR,LU, DK and UK, working for global and local financial  institutions as well as IT or other sector companies.

See our Experience Summary link for more information.


Contact Information

Bernard Delsaux, Principal


  1080 Brussels, Belgium 

  Tel +32 2 469 00 43



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