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Professional Experience (Summary)


Systems integration, Security architecture and Consultancy:

-        Integration and cyber-protection of large systems and critical infrastructures;

-        Cyber-secured Internet portals and electronic communications;

-        Technical and Cyber-security solutions in large systems

Domains of expertise:

-        Banking & finance industry, financial markets and market infrastructures.

Banking & Market Infrastructures

  • Euroclear Solutions and Security architecture (BE,UK,F).
  • BNP Paribas: Group Retail Internet & Mobile Retail Channels (FR, BE)
  • Euroclear: Common Communications Infrastructure; security architecture (BE,UK,F).
  • Euroclear Integration to TARGET2 Securities (Eurosystem central settlement).
  • Euroclear: Websphere deployment process industrialisation (BE, UK, FR).
  • ING: B2B Secure File Transfer Service (BE).
  • ING: B2B Payment platform (Web portal, STP), security architecture (BE, NL, DE).
  • ING: E-Banking Web Platform, token-based access control (BE).
  • ING: Group internal network and intranet access control (BE, NL, ES).
  • BBL: Data Centre Operations Support System (BE).
  • BBL: Credit decisions support systems (mortgage, enterprise, export).





IT Security Architecture

At both ING (BE, NL) and Euroclear (BE, FR, UK):

  • PKI and systems enablement of PKI (SSL, Process Industrialisation).
  • Authentication and access control systems (password, token, smartcard, HSM).
  • Dematerialised instructions, electronic signature and non repudiation.
  • Internet application security (HTTP, WEB, SOAP, AS2, S/MIME, FTP)
  • Application firewalls (HTTP, HTML, XML, AS2)
  • Enterprise identity and access management
  • Security Architecture Blueprint.
  • Euroclear Integration to TARGET2 Securities (ECB Euro System Central Settlement).
  • Cryptographic key lifecycle management and its maturity model.
  • Feasibility study and proposal : General meetings electronic voting (RFP AFTI, Paris)
  • Methodology: IT security integration projects.
  • Outsourcing and offshore development: security risk analysis.
  • Security testing specification and control.


Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Telindus: Bespoke ERP system and process implementation (LU).
  • Intellectual Property Network: Interim IT management (BE, N-Y).
  • Ziegler Logistics: Parcel Routing and Dispatching Support System (BE)


Market Information and Wealth Management

Institutional customers in BE/LU (pension funds, private bankers and stock brokers):

  • Market instruments data feeds: stocks, bonds, funds, options, etc.
  • Portfolio and fund management: corporate pension funds, private banking.
  • Bond and Fixed income products analysis and switching techniques.


Other Consulting Missions & Deliverables

  • Request for proposals and feasibility studies: logical access control products, (XML) application firewall products, secure banking WEB portals.
  • Electronic Banking & Back-office SaaS platform business case.
  • Enterprise architecture and data quality management blueprint.
  • Offshore development feasibility study (BE/Tunisia, 1996).


Software Engineering: Summary of Methods and Techniques

·         Object-oriented design and development; component-based architectures and  Service-based architecture (SOA); WEB Services

·         SDLC: Rational unified process (RUP), UML; process modelling (IDEF0)

·         Architecture frameworks: Zachman, TOGAF, ISO RM-ODP.

·         Process automation and industrialisation (followed by project we leaded)

·         Project management (PMI, PRINCE2) and IT Service management (ITIL).

·         Technologies: Distributed architectures, RDBMS (Oracle, Sybase, DB2), INTERNET platforms (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, Html, XML/XSD, FTP, SOAP, AS2), SWIFT,  ISO15022, ISO22022 (XML), Websphere (AS, PS), Axway File-Broker, Apache, IIS, Hadoop, Sterling Gatway, Connect:Direct,…, as well as various  programming languages ( Java, J2EE, C++, C#, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Pascal, python).


Security Engineering: Summary of Methods and Techniques

·         PKI Management and Integration: Key and certificate lifecycle management;

·         IAM/PMI: Authorisation and access management.

·         Methodology, risk assessment and architecture: ISO 27001 (ex BS7991), ISO 21188 (PKI), NIST, CERT (OCTAVE, SQUARE).

·         Security frameworks, management of operational security processes (SABSA, COBIT & ITIL/Security);

·         Technologies: Tivoli Access Manager, LDAP, Entrust GetAccess, BMC Control/SA, Mod-Security, Vordel Secure, Beeware Sentry, F5, Axway File Broker/Secure FTP, Vasco Token, Gemalto Smartcard, Ncipher HSM, Websphere & Java security, RACF, SSL/TLS, SAML, SAML2P, etc.


 Customers in BE, NL, FR, LU, UK, DK Since 1989

Our customers are financial institutions undertaking major internet or e-commerce infrastructure projects. We have had a history of long-term projects or short-term consulting missions in BE,NL,FR,LU, DK and UK, working for global and local institutions as well as IT or other sector companies:

·    Global Financial Institutions: ING, Euroclear, BNP Paribas.

·    Local Financial Institutions: ING ex-Banque Bruxelles Lambert, BNPP ex-Banque Générale du Luxembourg, Bank Van Breda, Banque Drèze, BNPP ex-Belgolaise, Societe Generale Brussels, IMI LU, CGER(Fortis), Banque Minerve, Spaarkrediet, Melice, FinancieHuis, Puilaetco BE/LU, DL Associates, Dellicourt, ICI Asset Management, Bestinvest.

·    Pension Funds: Unilever, Agfa-Gevaert, Solvay, Citibank, Caisse de Prévoyance des Médecins, Câbleries d’Eupen.

·    Other Domains: Trasys Space, Telindus Luxemburg, Office des pensions, Boeringher Ingelheim BE/DK, Groupe Gevers/Intellectual Property Network, la Prévoyance Sociale, Assurances AG.

Other Activities (RD MODELE, owned business, 1994-1999):

·         Patented dental tool, internationally distributed (EU, USA, Asia).

·         Veterinary shampoo, internationally distributed (BE, DK, EU, NZ).



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